Cambodian and Thai’s Problem During Mourning Period

Have you notice the problem some people created between Thai and Cambodia during this mourning period ?? I don’t know if you do or not, however I hope that whether you are Cambodian or Thai People, please don’t fall as a victim of some bad people trying to gain popularity from the incident and creating rasism between our countries.

To SOME Cambodian: You said you love Cambodia but why you try to bring war and hate from the other country here?? if you love this country, you should make everybody love too. Why you go using horrible language toward other? make them think bad of our country? not just Thai but other foreign country around us as well. Stop the action, if you wrong admit that you wrong. Just because SOME bad Thai people do sth bad, why you reply with bad thing too?? are you as bad as them?? Don’t blame their whole country just because a few horrible people in there. ( As for the Thai reporter, She already make a public apology toward us. Don’t go around finding other people mistakes and not looking at yours.)

And for Thai people, I hope you don’t judge Cambodian because of a few person bad action as well. Please do know that there are bad and good person in either countries. So don’t let the bad one fool you.

This is the Mourning period for my Country and I hope we can do this peacefully with no more eruption of any problem.

PS. A good and educated person won’t reply to bad action with more bad action. If you do bad things bad to them, it’s only proved that you bad as well.

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